Time Manager
Model TM-01

These Computerised  systems are suitable for medium to large organizations. Each Unit can handle 200-250 employees, for larger employee force more units can be linked to a single computer  through RS-485 Converter within the range of 1.2 Km .The system downloads data in 3 optional modes i.e Online , Auto-Scan and Command mode. The Arrival - Departure data is stored using Magnetic cards / Barcode Cards / Optical Cards / Proximity cards / Finger Scan. This data is transferred to a computer for generating instant Attendance report and later to prepare management related report and the payroll. 
Software for attendance related report is provided free  

Optional Features of NMC Computerised Systems:

  • Attendance through key-pad with Master Card.
  • Password protected Data and Time & Date settings.
  • Display user Bulletin and messages (Birthday greetings etc.)
  • Auto siren Programme Switch.
  • Debarring of Particular Employees.

Software : 

Software for communication and Daily Attendance Reports is provided FREE   with system. Payroll Software (Including Monthly Muster and Leave Records ) is optional.

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