Time Keeper
Model 1201 - 01
(3 In 3 Out)

Time Keeper
Model 2001 - 01 
(2 In 2 Out)

Time Keeper
Model 2001 - 01D
(1 In 1 Out)

These Punch Card machines are suitable for  small and medium scale operations. IN and OUT Time is recorded on the cards and then this information is transferred to the registers to prepare Muster Records or the information can be fed to a Computer manually for calculating wages etc. by using payroll software provided at nominal cost. 

Salient Features:

Automatic Card Printing Just insert the card prints automatically.
(Prints 250 Cards per 5 minutes)
Automatic Daily Adjustment Date and vertical column position.
High Accuracy Quartz System guarantees functional accuracy of 15 seconds per month.
Automatic Re-chargeable Battery Back-up System Keeps the machine running during power failures for more than 96 hours. No re-setting is required on resumption of power supply.
Master Clock Operation Provides centralised timing where number of clocks are installed.
Total Indigenous Technology Easy accessibility of spare parts and efficient after-sales-service.

Optional Features:
Automatic marking of the late-comers. (Model 1201-01 Only).
Auto-Siren Switch  upto 16 settings.     (Model 1201-01 Only).
Auto In -Out                                               (Model 2001-01D Only).


Power Supply                 230 Volts, 50 cycles AC only.
Power Consumption       Rated 1.5 Amps.
Power Reserve               96 Hours on maintenance-free batteries.
Ambient Temperature               Between -10 deg. C to +45 deg. C.
Humidity                         between 20% to 90% RH.


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